Bon Jovi’s “This House is not for Sale Tour” – The Tour for Lovers!

This house is not for sale tour 2019 – Bon Jovi



I found my self in Stavanger last Saturday with my boyfriend who’s been a fan since he was a child. He and his father had some kind of a religion around Bon Jovi and there are many feelings around this. In fact, he claims to be Norways greatest Bon Jovi fan.

Writing about music is slightly of the grid for Sydenbarna Blog, which is a family blog for families who just can’t get enough of traveling and adventures! Still, as a DJ for twelve years and a truly great lover of music and good vibes – I just couldn’t keep reading the completely misunderstood reviews on Bon Jovi’s THIS HOUSE IS NOT FOR SALE Tour!

To the reviewers who found their way to a Bon Jovi concert this summer expecting the uniq and high tones of a 30 year old Jon Bon Jovi – I must agree. I do understand your disappointment. Unfortunately for you, you came years too late to measure the band up and down and write that review. I believe many would agree with me on the following; This House is not for Sale Tour, is a tour for the fans and the LOVERS of Bon Jovi – and those who got stuck in the 80’s and never moved on (and who loves being stuck there). The tour is for the millions of people who has loved Bon Jovi for decades – and still does. Oh my gosh!!! What guts and power these “boys” are equipped with! Get inspired and learn a thing or two of this never ending band, rather than being jealous and full of hate. If you’re aiming for the perfect sound, and the perfect voice – lean back and listen to a vinyl or to Morten Harket.

To Jon Bon Jovi and Bon Jovi, I grew up with your music and my beloved sister Sharon was and still is a super-fan. I was a latecomer; Jon Bon Jovi didn’t really do it for me before Ally McBeal and Victor Morrison. But last Saturday in Stavanger, I completely lost it. I’m completely weak for positive energy, and pure enthusiasm. And this is the captivating radiance of Bon Jovi anno 2019! The set list – the amazing songs about stories you lived, the truly fantastic musicians and the great guitarist Phil X who actually managed to replace the irreplaceable Richie Sambora, and the truly charming and talented Jon Bon Jovi… – it was all absolutely heartfelt and beautiful! I would buy your tickets over and over again. And Bon Jovi; Fu*k the hater and join the spirit – We hope you’ll tour till the end of time!

Many of, what I would call, the simple-minded and not worthy reviews on the great New Jersey rock band, has had less or nothing good to say about the last weeks performance. And the essence of every review has been simple criticism on Jon Bon Jovi’s voice. I can’t really understand how it is possible to serve such poor reviews to millions of fans who’s known the band since 1983 – almost four decades – where fans and people actually believe them. I found Jon Bon Jovi’s voice good considering his strong 57 years, and triple work out session – running and jumping on the stage in freezin’ Stavanger – singing in two and a half hours. Try to beat that reviewers – YOU!!!


Hope the following reviewers of THIS HOUSE IS NOT FOR SALE TOUR are worthy and older than 20 years old…



Jennifer Moi i Stavanger for å sjekke ut Bon Jovi!


Here’s a few interviews and videos I found of Bon Jovi and Victor Morrison!

Bon Jovi live in Stavanger June 2019!








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